BSNL Bijapur Broadband & Mobile Plans with 24 CSC Details

In the BSNL Bijapur telecom district, the best economical plans announced for the 3G/4G network. For customer assistance, 24 customer service centre help is provided 24/7. Office address with their respective contact number is provided for any future endeavour. With increased speed and an unlimited plan for Bijapur district is provided.

Name of the District / SSABSNL Bijapur Telecom District
CircleBSNL Karnataka
SSA HeadquartersBijapur
Wired ServicesLandline, Internet Broadband Plans (DSL / Fiber), EPABX
Mobile Services2G / 3G / 4G Voice and Data plans
Wireless ServicesBSNL WiFi Hotspots, WINGS IP Telephone
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BSNL Bijapur Telecom District Home & Business Broadband Plans for DSL / Fiber to Home

  • FTTH technology for home and business starts with 50MBps to 100Mbps- Visit here
  • Plans start from Rs 299- Complete details
  • For Bidar, circle specific broadband plans- Visit Now
  • Postpaid bills for broadband and landline- Visit here

Mobile Plans for Bijapur telecom district across with Karnataka

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BSNL Bijapur Telecom District (SSA) Customer Service Center Address with Office Contact Phone Number

  • The working hours are in between 10 AM to 5.30 PM.
  • Get holidays lists for Bijapur district- Get Now
  • Vijayapura, Basavana Bagewadi, Sindagi, Indi, Muddebihal, Nidagundi, Talikote, Babaleshwar, Tikota, Chadchan, Devara Hipparagi, Kolhar, Almel.
AreaCSC AddressContact Number
BijapurBSNL CSC, O/O GMTD BSNL, M G ROAD, Bijapur – 586101 08352240650, 221051
BasavanbagewadiCSC, Shetty Complex, Telgi Road, Basavanbagewadi08358245399
MuddebihalCustomer Service Center, Sagari Bldg, Almatti Road, Muddebihal08356220200
BableshwarBSNL CSC, Tele Exge o/o SDE, Bableshwar – 58611308355283198
BadamiCustomer Service Centre ,Tele Exge o/o SDE, Badami08357220500
GuledguddBSNL CSC, Tele Exge, Kanthipet, Guledgudd08357250000
Vidyagiri BktCustomer Service Centre, Tele Exge, Muncipal Complex, Vidyagiri, Bagalkot08354234444
Navanagar BktCSC, Tele Exge, Navanagar, Bagalkot08354236236
BagalkotBSNL CSC, Main Tele Exge, Bagalkot08354220258
Shastri nagar BIJAPURCustomer Service Centre, Shastri Nagar, Tele Exge, Bijapur08352270098
Adarshnagar BIJAPURBSNL CSC, Adarshanagar, Bijapur08352250099
BilagiCustomer Service Center, Tele Exge, Bilagi08425275300
ChadachanBSNL CSC, Tele Exge, Chadachan08422278100
DevarhippargiCustomer Service Centre, Tele Exge o/o SDE, Devarhippargi08424283399
HungundBSNL CSC, Tele Exge, Kuntoji Bldg, Hungund08351260132
IlkalCSC, Tele Exge, Opp Busstand, ILKAL08351272000
IndiCustomer Service Center, Tele Exge, Indi08359225677
JamkhandiCSC DTO, Jamkhandi08353220140
TalikotBSNL CSC, Balaji Complex, Talikot08356266199
MudholCustomer Service Centre, Tele Exge o/o SDE, Mudhol08350280397
SindagiCSC, Tele Exge o/o SDE, Sindagi08488221000
TelgiBSNL CSC, Tele Exge, o/o SDE, Telgi08426280199
AlmattiCustomer Service Centre Tele Exge Building, Almatti Taluk, Muddebihal, Dist Bijapur08426281200
MahaligpurBSNL, Telephone Exchange Building, APMC Yard, Mahalingpur, Mudhol, Dist Bagalkot08350271200

For Clarification of any broadband plans and tariffs, Bijapur district customers and nearby surrounding areas can approach the CSC (customer service centre) mentioned above without any hurdle.

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