BSNL Assam STV (Special Tariff Vouchers) / New Rate Cutters

Here is the list of BSNL Assam STV plans for prepaid customers to have limited & unlimited 4G calls, data as per the new FUP limits, Just check the special tariff voucher price and tariff of each rate cutter and special benefits in required STV under GSM mobile services of Assam cirlce.

BSNL’s new plans included for both the prepaid and postpaid payment methods in Assam telecom circle, while the services that are added include increase in Talk time, where quarterly and yearly plan of BSNL have Extra free time as an added benefit.

On the other hand, the combo packs have also been increased which revamps their daily limits to be more now in Assam telecom circle, and the major change is the increase in the FUP for voice and the bandwidth for BSNL prepaid mobile plan users increase more for the subscriptions, let’s check the new tariff.

BSNL Assam STVs / Rate Cutter Price & Tariff


STV Amount in RsFreebies/Plan
Validity (days)
DATASMSFree Voice CallsAdditional
1630 Days20paisa/Min
182 Days1 GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
2290 Days30Paisa/min
295 Days1 GB300 SMSUnlimited
4924 Days2 GB100 SMS100 Min free
8714 Days1GB100SMSUnlimited
9922 Days100 SMSUnlimited
11826 Days0.5 GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
13928 Days2 GB/Day100 SMS/DayUnlimited CallsThis STV is applicable for Inactive2 customers only
14730 Days10 GBUnlimited
18428 Days1GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
18528 Days1GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
18628 Days1GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
18728 Days2 GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
24730 Days50 GB100 SMSUnlimited
29856 Days1 GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
29930 Days3GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
31975 Days10 GB300SMSUnlimited
34756 Days2GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
39571 Days2 GB/DayOn net 3000Min&Offnet  
39980 Days1GB/Day100SMSUnlimited
42981 Days1 GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
48590 Days5GB/Day100SMSunlimited
49990 Days2 GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited BSNL tunes + Zing
59984 Days5 GB/Day100 SMSUnlimited
STV AMOUNT in RsValidity(days)DATAAdditional Features
131 Day2 GB/Day
5610 Days10 GBZing
7321 Days200 MB
7550 Days2 GB
9475 Days3 GB
9718 Days2 GB/Day
9822 Days2 GB/Day
15128 Days40 GBZing
19850 Days2 GB/Day
25128 Days70 GBZing
39830 DaysUnlimited
44760 Days100 GBUnlimited voice calls + 100 SMS
1515365 Days2 GB/Day

BSNL ISD STV Recharge Plans for Assam circle

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STV PricesCountry NameChargesValidity
ISD 28NepalRs.8.50/min30 Days
ISD 23BahrainOG Voice call @ Rs.6.49 min and International SMS Rs.3/sms30 Days
ISD 27Bangladesh Malaysia HongkongOG Voice call @ Rs.2.49 min and International SMS Rs.3/sms30 Days
ISD 41Canada China USA and SingaporeVoice call Rs.1.49 min and International SMS Rs.3 sms30 Days
IR STV 57STV for Activation/extension of pre-paid International roaming30 Days


STV Prices Free SMS Validity
STV 31Free lo/Nat any net SMS 38530 Days
STV 52Free lo/Nat any net SMS 86030 Days

For any of the above STV plans, Assam prepaid customers can recharge BSNL prepaid mobile online or with CTOPUP at retailer, Choose the best rate cutter for your requirement and

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