Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Cast, Seasons, Characters, Ratings, and More!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Cast, Seasons, Characters, Ratings, and More!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Golden Globe award-winning sitcom Dan Goor and Michael Schur created. There are a total of 8 seasons of this series. The show first came out in 2013 and ran until 2021. Fox originally aired and was later picked up on NBC for the last three seasons. The show’s premise revolves around the New York Police Department’s 99th precinct.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Summary

The series starts with the arrival of the serious and practical new captain of the 99th precinct– Captain Raymond Holt. Jake Peralta, a capable but carefree detective, and his diversified group of co-workers are used to having a laxer form of captaincy. The new captain has a lot to prove and wants to make the 99th precinct the best in New York. What follows is the fun everyday happenings in the fictional precinct of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast and Rating

Jake PeraltaAndy Samberg
Raymond HaltAndre Braugher
Rosa DiazStephanie Beatriz
Amy SantiagoMelissa Fumero
Terry JeffordsTerry Crew
Charles BoyleJoe Lo Truglio
Norman ScullyJoel McKinnon Miller
HitchcockDirk Blocker
Gina LinettiChelsea Peretti
Kevin CoznerMarc Evan Jackson
Chief WuntchKyra Sedgwick
Doug JudyCraig Robinson
Adrian PimentoJason Mantzoukas
Teddy WellsKyle Bornheimer
The VultureDean Winters


This hilarious and mind-blowing series has a rating of 8.4/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters

Jake Peralta

The main character of the series, Jake Peralta, is a happy-go-lucky character with the best arrest record in the 99th precinct. His case-solving competency had made him somewhat immune from following authority or its rules. With the arrival of the new captain- Raymond Holt, his attitude is challenged. Holt wants to teach Jake to respect the police badge and follow the proper regulations.

He and his case partner Amy Santiago are always challenging/ teasing each other, and in the earlier seasons, they even had a bet about who would make the greatest number of arrests. This leads to them eventually getting romantically involved in the later seasons. His best friend, Boyle, is also a detective in the 99th precinct and is Jake’s biggest supporter and cheerleader.

Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher)

A central character of the show, Captain Holt, is a strict and stoic captain of the 99th precinct. He seems like a robotic and emotionless supervisor when we first meet him. But through the series, as we get to know, the audience understands that he is warm, funny, and cares deeply about the officer under his command.

Holt is a black, openly gay officer, and this has led him to be prejudiced against in the police force even though he is an excellent detective. He wants to prove his capabilities and leadership qualities when he gets his first role as a commanding officer in the 99th precinct. This is also one of the reasons why Holt and Jake have disputes over Peralta’s antics.

Holt’s lack of facial expression and displaying emotions is often played up for laughs in the show. His very serious personality becomes an endearing quality as we go through the series.

Amy Santiago

Amy Santiago is a nerd with an A-type personality, and she has the 2nd highest number of arrests in the precinct after Jake, which bugs her ambitious nature. Jake and Amy’s relationship eventually develops from casual flirtation and teases into a full-fledged romance.

She is also a very organized person who loves binders and whose favorite thing is solving crosswords and puzzles. Amy is a goody-two-shoes who values rules and authority, leading to her craving the approval of her superior, Captain Holt. This makes her come off as an awkward character, especially towards Holt.

Charles Boyle

Charles is a detective in the New York Police Department’s 99th precinct and is one of the series’s main characters. He is Jake’s best friend and idolizes him to a great extent. He is a good detective but lacks the confidence to act like it.

He is not physically strong but works harder than anyone else in the precinct. Boyle is a huge foodie and is extremely close to his family, and the Boyle Family has some weird traditions that are played up for laughs. He finds love later in the show with Vivian Ludley, with whom he adopts his son, Nikolaj Boyle.

Rosa Diaz

Another central character of the series, Rosa Diaz, is the badass and hardy cop of the 99th precinct. Her demeanor is extremely scary, and most people are frightened by her. She is very secretive and likes that no one has much information about her.

Rosa met Peralta in the police academy, and they became best friends. However, even Peralta doesn’t seem to know much about her. Rosa comes out as bisexual in season 5. Her journey of coming out is tumultuous, with her parents not accepting her sexuality but later coming around to it.

Terry Jeffords

Terry Jeffords is the sergeant of the 99th precinct. He is a very muscular man who loves working out. However, after his wife, Sharon gave birth to his twin daughters, he developed an intense fear of dying and not seeing his daughter grow up. This leads to him working desk duty. He is almost a father figure for the precinct and looks out for his squad. His weird quirks involve loving yogurt and talking about himself in the third person.

Gina Linetti

Gina is the 99th precinct’s civilian character and becomes an office administrator of the precinct in season 2. She is Jake’s childhood friend and got the job at the precinct because of him. She is a self-confident person who spends most of her time playing on her iPhone. She is an internet celebrity and self-proclaimed dancer, and the dancing part is debatable.

Michael Hitchcock ; Norm Scully

Hitchcock and Scully are older detectives of the 99th Precinct who have been partners for 30 years. They are both close friends with similar interests and are rarely seen without one another. Both Hitchcock and Scully are described as lazy detectives who do nothing in the precinct but eat. These oddballs are generally considered incompetent by the other detectives but sometimes useful in the weirdest ways.


The series has been critically acclaimed as one of the best shows of modern times. The series’s charming cast and humorous writing have made it a comfortable show for many people. This workplace sitcom works because of its clever gags, the banter between Holt and Peralta, its accurate portrayal of social issues, etc.

The show has been praised for portraying LGBTQ characters like Captain Holt and Rosa with sensibility, accuracy, and humor. Rosa’s coming-out episode has been regarded as one of the best Tv series episodes representing bisexuality. The show has also dealt with the prominent issue of police brutality in America and the me-too movement by showing different sides of the argument but still keeping its comedic appeal.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been nominated for a total of eighty-one awards, out of which it has one fifteen. These nominations include 11 Emmy award nominations, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 8 NAACP Image Awards, and 7 Teen Choice Awards.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8

The 8th and last season of the comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, came to the television screen again on Aug 12, 2021. The latest season deals with the Covid-19 pandemic situation and the aftermath of the George Floyd protests. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 had 13 episodes, whereas this season had 10 Brooklyn nine-nine episodes.

The series starts with major changes in the squad’s lives. Rose has left her police career after the George Floyd protests and has started working as a private investigator. Jake and Amy are dealing with the first year of their newborn baby, Mac. Holt and Kevin are experiencing marital problems, which could be the end of their marriage. The series deals with the public’s distrust towards the police by introducing Amy’s reform program.

Frank O’ Sullivan is the NYPD Union President and could be considered the antagonist of this season. He is against the implementation of the reform program, and he plans to sabotage the program, and the squad comes together to stop him. The series is about how the squad deals with these problems while making major decisions in their personal lives.

Where to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

You can watch Brooklyn Nine-nine all seasons on Netflix!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an excellent series, with social messaging, taking a right stand, a pretty good storyline that is hilarious and doesn’t take a boring turn at any point. The series will keep you hooked in, and the latest season gives the series the well-deserved ending it deserved. Our recommendation – Watch the series, you won’t regret it!

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