Best Broadband Service Providers in Madhya Pradesh- 2023

Best Broadband Service Providers in Madhya Pradesh- 2022

The “Heart of India” Madhya Pradesh boasts a tremendous cultural and spiritual heritage of almost all religions. Rich in magnificent monuments, beautifully carved temples, forts, and stupas, Madhya Pradesh is a developing state leading in the textile manufacturing, automobiles, engineering, and agriculture equipment manufacturing sectors.

The peaceful workforce and continuous personal and professional developments require the constant support of the Internet to make anything happen in today’s world.The covid stricken world is working and progressing solely based on the Internet. The Internet is used in almost every field now, from education, corporate, business, and production; everything else is dependent on the net to prosper.

Selecting The Best Broadband Plan In Your Locality

India’s Internet market consists of some of the best service providers. While companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel, BSNL, ACT, TataSky have been dominating the broadband sector for quite a while now. Some private service providers attest to providing excellent services.

Whether for professional use or personal use, good speed and stable Internet connectivity are exceptionally crucial. This article enlists some of the best broadband service providers in Madhya Pradesh.Following are the factors one needs to consider while selecting a broadband service provider in your locality:

  1. Readily Accessible

    A good Internet service includes having stable and maximum connectivity/network in your area. It is of utmost importance to plan it out with your local service provider to select the best Plan available and accessible in your region.

  2. Upload/Download Speed

    Another significant factor in seeking while choosing an internet provider is the speed of the Internet. The upload and download speed should always match your work or personal requirements for a smoother and stress-free experience. Please verify the Internet speed available in the Plan of your choice with your respective service provider.

  3. Reliability

    Your high-speed Internet also needs to be dependable. Always examine your service provider and their customer services to ensure high-quality Internet, instead of facing irregular, insecure, and bumpy internet service issues. The provider needs to fix any problem without delay in case of any problem.

  4. Service Contract Duration

    Several Service providers all over India use the 12- month contract for their clients. Along with the contract, they may also provide free installation. If you are unsatisfied with the service from your provider, terminating/ending an agreement with them will cost you a termination fee. Hence, we suggest you go over all the details about the service and the contract with your service provider before selecting any.

  5. Cost of Services

    A crucial aspect of choosing a service is the price you’ll pay for the service available. While opting for a broadband plan, always look for trustworthy, genuine, and pocket-friendly services. The market presents various companies that provide these plans with exciting offers and reduced rates.Our broadband service providers and the plans comparison will assist you in finding one of the best deals available in the market.

Now, moving on to the best broadband providers in MP:


The Xstream Fiber by Airtel is one of the generation’s fastest and newest internet services; with 1 Gbps speed, this provider makes working at home fluent and easy making it one of the best broadband service providers in Madhya Pradesh.

With a strong and smooth Internet connection, you get unlimited calls via the connected telephone, efficient auto troubleshooting routers, 24×7 customer service support, expert network monitoring, and self-adjusting upload/download speed.

Every Airtel Xstreambroadband service connection gets you additional free subscriptions to Amazon prime, Disney+Hotstar, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy, and more. This versatile plan range by Airtel comes in the Unlimited, the Premium, the Entertainment, the Ultra, and the VIP plan. These plans come with a DTH Xstream Box, streaming apps subscriptions, a Wifi Router, and Unlimited Local/STD call.

  • The Unlimited Plan– Rs. 499 – Up to 40 Mbps
  • The Premium plan– Rs. 799 – Up to 100 Mbps
  • The Entertainment plan– Rs. 999 – Up to 200 Mbps
  • The Ultra plan– Rs. 1499 – Up to 300 Mbps
  • The VIP plan– Rs. 3999 – Up to 1 Gbps

BSNL Fiber

Building the foundation of their trust and genuine services for a very long time, BSNL is known for its dependability. The latest broadband plan from BSNL is BSNLFiber, which avails the best Internet in Madhya Pradesh. This Plan has unlimited data; customers get unlimited local + STD calls and free night calling. Other benefits like free subscriptions to OTT platforms are available with the Premium, Premium Plus, and Ultra packs of BSNL internet services.

1 Month Plans

  • Basic– Rs. 449 – 30 Mbps
  • Basic Plus– Rs. 559 – 60 Mbps
  • Value– Rs. 799 – 100 Mbps
  • Premium– Rs. 999 – 200 Mbps
  • Premium Plus– Rs. 1277 – 200 Mbps
  • Ultra– Rs. 1499 – 300 Mbps

6 Months Plan

  • Premium Plus –Rs. 7024 – 200 Mbps

12 Months Plans

  • Basic Annual– Rs. 5388 – 30 Mbps
  • Premium Annual– Rs. 11988 – 200 Mbps
  • Ultra Annual– Rs. 17988 – 300 Mbps

24 Months Plans

  • Premium plus– Rs. 26179 – 200 Mbps

Reliance Jio

The Reliance Jio Fiber is a direct-to-home broadband connection available for residential and commercial use all over Madhya Pradesh. Under the Reliance Jio Infocomm by Reliance, Jio fiber provides high-speed broadband services at pocket-friendly costs.

In addition to the high-speed data, all the reliance jio fiber plans come with additional subscriptions to several Jio apps and others like Amazon prime video, Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Voot Select, Sony LIV, Hoichoi, Lionsgate Play, ZEE5, Discovery+, among others. Jio fiber also has additional benefits like free HD voice calling, TV video calling, security, and online gaming.

Monthly Plans – (30 days)

  • Prices– Rs. 399 to Rs. 8499 – Unlimited Data

Quarterly Plans – (90 days)

  • Prices– Rs. 1197 to Rs. 25497 – Unlimited Data

Semi- Annual Plans – (180 + 15 days)

  • Prices –Rs. 2394 to Rs. 50,994 – Unlimited Data

Annual Plans – (360 + 30 days)

  • Prices– Rs. 4788 to Rs. 1,01,988 – Unlimited Data

Hathway Broadband

Hathway Broadband is a private yet successful internet service provider in Madhya Pradesh. Falling amongst some of the top internet providers of Madhya Pradesh, Hathway Broadband provides services for both home and business needs of the Internet.

With their aim to avail Information, entertainment, and Learning. Designed to provide the customers with endless possibilities, Hathway boasts sturdy and well-functioning Internet. The Fiber Broadband Plans by Hathway, a broadband service provider, uses DOCSIS and GPON technologies. The provider avails exceptional speed ranges varying from 40 Mbps to 100Mbps depending on the plans.

3 Months plan


  • 500 GB – Rs. 1500 (40Mbps), Rs. 1800 (50Mbps)
  • 1000 GB – Rs. 2100 (50Mbps)


  • Unlimited – Rs. 1500 (50Mbps), Rs. 2100 (100Mbps) and Rs. 1800 (75 Mbps)

6 Months Plan


  • 500 GB – Rs. 3000 (40Mbps), Rs. 3600 (50Mbps)
  • 1000 GB – Rs. 4200 (50Mbps)


  • Unlimited – Rs. 3000 (50Mbps), Rs. 4200 (100Mbps) and Rs. 3600 (75Mbps)

12 months Plan


  • 500 GB – Rs. 6000 (40Mbps), Rs. 7200 (50Mbps)
  • 1000 GB – Rs. 8400 (50 Mbps)


  • Unlimited – Rs. 6000 (50Mbps), Rs. 8400 (100 Mbps) and Rs. 7200 (75Mbps)


All the above-mentioned Internet plans and their respective rates are subject to change. For applying for a new connection, it is essential to carry these documents with CRF: Photo Id proof, Address Proof, and passport size photo.

This article enlists some of the best broadband service providers in Madhya Pradesh, along with their plans and rates. We hope the given essential information aids you in choosing your best-suited broadband plan. Have a smooth and speedy internet experience.

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