Best Broadband Providers – Jamshedpur in 2023

Best Broadband Providers – Jamshedpur in 2022

Internet service providers (ISPs) are the only means to get a reliable and secure internet connection. These internet providers provide a variety of broadband plans. You may get bandwidth from local service providers and take advantage of the perks associated with a new connection. Based on whether the client is a huge corporation, a start-up business, or an individual for private use, the firms provide a variety of cost-effective plans with a range of perks.

Are you wondering which the Best internet in Jamshedpur is? You should choose a plan based on your internet consumption, the needed speed, the download speed, and the download limit.

High-speed broadband providers ensure that their customers have a consistent and uninterrupted internet connection. Additionally, they have professional staff that can assist you with any technical difficulties. You may browse through all internet providers in Jamshedpur mentioned below.

Leading Internet Service Providers in Jamshedpur

The top five reputable internet providers in Jamshedpur are listed below; you may have a perfect internet connection at all times.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans in Jamshedpur

With JioFiber internet in Jamshedpur, you can explore the digital world quicker. It provides the greatest broadband experience and is coupled with other services. JioFiber is one of the top internet options in Jamshedpur and is offered at a low price.

Additionally, it contains India’s first television video calling and conference experience, complimentary subscriptions to entertainment and OTT applications, a virtual reality experience, and a premium content platform.

Plan NameTruly Unlimited NetVoice

Free Voice anywhere in India


₹ 399

30 MbpsUnlimited

₹ 699

100 MbpsUnlimited

₹ 999

150 MbpsUnlimited

₹ 1499

300 MbpsUnlimited

₹ 2499

500 MbpsUnlimited

₹ 3999

1 Gbps upto 7500 GBUnlimited

₹ 8499

1 Gbps upto 15000 GBUnlimited

Airtel Broadband Plans in Jamshedpur

Bharti Airtel is a market leader in the telecom industry. The company is situated in New Delhi, India. Airtel’s most recent broadband service is based on European technology.

This broadband service was initially provided in the country’s southern region. Then it was expanded to additional cities around the nation, with about 30-35 cities benefiting from this service. Jamshedpur is also featured in the list of such cities.

Airtel Recharge Plans In JamshedpurData & SpeedValidityPrice
Airtel Unlimited for ₹499Unlimited

40 Mbps

1 month₹499
Airtel Premium for ₹799Unlimited

100 Mbps

1 month₹799
Airtel Entertainment for ₹999Unlimited

200 Mbps

1 month₹999
Airtel Ultra for ₹1,499Unlimited

300 Mbps

1 month₹1,499
Airtel Premium for ₹2,397Unlimited

100 Mbps

3 months₹2,397
Airtel Entertainment for ₹2,997Unlimited

200 Mbps

3 months₹2,997
Airtel VIP for ₹3,999Unlimited

1024 Mbps

1 month₹3,999
Airtel Premium for ₹4,434Unlimited

100 Mbps

6 months₹4,434
Airtel Ultra for ₹4,497Unlimited

300 Mbps

3 months₹4,497
Airtel Entertainment for ₹5,544Unlimited

200 Mbps

6 months₹5,544
Airtel Premium for ₹8,150Unlimited

100 Mbps

12 months₹8,150

BSNL Broadband Plans in Jamshedpur

Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) inaugurated Bharat Air Fiber solutions in Jamshedpur in 2020, providing wireless internet connectivity on-demand to inhabitants of Eastern and western Singhbhum Seraikela-Kharsawan.

“The Bharat Air Fiber Network would deliver high-speed internet access on the order of 100 Mbps,” Sanjeev Verma, general manager of BSNL’s Jamshedpur SSA, stated. Jamshedpur is the state’s second city to access high-speed wireless internet service. It will be very useful in locations where cable installation is challenging and time-consuming. The system will also benefit individuals who work from home.”

Plan NamePlan Price in RsSpeed & DataBeyond Speed
100GB CUL49920Mbps


2 Mbps
3GB CUL5198Mbps,


1 Mbps
4GB CUL62910Mbps,


2 Mbps
5GB CUL72910Mbps,


2 Mbps
500GB CUL77750Mbps,


2 Mbps
Superstar 300GB77950Mbps,


2 Mbps
600GB CUL84950Mbps,


2 Mbps




2 Mbps
Superstar 500GB94950Mbps,


2 Mbps
10GB CUL Family1,19910Mbps,


2 Mbps


2 Mbps
22GB CUL1,29910Mbps,


2 Mbps
25GB CUL1,59910Mbps,


4 Mbps
30GB CUL1,84916Mbps,


4 Mbps
33GB CUL1,999100Mbps,


4 Mbps
35GB CUL2,34924Mbps,


4 Mbps
40GB CUL2,499100Mbps,


4 Mbps
55GB CUL4,499100Mbps,


4 Mbps
80GB Plan5,999100Mbps,


6 Mbps
120GB Plan9,999100Mbps,


8 Mbps
170GB Plan16,999100Mbps,


10 Mbps

Railwire Internet Broadband

RailTel Railwire broadband is available in Jamshedpur via Telecoms Supermarket India for business and residential customers. It is arguably the best WiFi in Jameshdpur, as with Railwire broadband, you can get the fastest and most reliable connection for your home or business. RailTel fiber broadband includes free installation and the industry’s finest after-sales service.

Railtel broadband plans include bandwidth speeds of up to 50Mbps. You can search for, compare, and purchase the finest Railwire broadband deals in Jamshedpur. Upgrade your current broadband connection or get a RailTel Fiber broadband connection for your new broadband connection.

Port Speed*Monthly Rental (per Month)Data UsageAfter FUP
2 MbpsRs 599/-100GB512k_kbps
4 MbpsRs 799/-100GB512k_kbps
5 MbpsRs 699/-90GB512k_kbps
6 MbpsRs 499/-50GB512k_kbps
8 MbpsRs 899/-60GB512k_kbps
8 MbpsRs 999/-100GB512k_kbps
8 MbpsRs 849/-120GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 449/-30GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 649/-70GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 1,099/-80GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 599/-100GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 1,249/-120GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 1,349/-200GB1mbps_kbps
16 MbpsRs 1,099/-100GB2mbps_kbps
20 MbpsRs 1,499/-100GB2mbps_kbps
20 MbpsRs 699/-200GB1mbps_kbps
20 MbpsRs 1,899/-200GB2mbps_kbps
40 MbpsRs 999/-60GB1mbps_kbps
40 MbpsRs 1,399/-120GB2mbps_kbps
40 MbpsRs 799/-300GB1mbps_kbps
50 MbpsRs 2,499/-200GB2mbps_kbps
50 MbpsRs 899/-400GB1mbps_kbps
60 MbpsRs 1,699/-150GB2mbps_kbps
75 MbpsRs 949/-500GB1mbps_kbps
80 MbpsRs 1,899/-180GB2mbps_kbps
100 MbpsRs 2,699/-250GB2mbps_kbps
100 MbpsRs 999/-350GB1mbps_kbps
100 MbpsRs 1,099/-400GB1mbps_kbps
100 MbpsRs 2,999/-500GB2mbps_kbps
125 MbpsRs 1,249/-750GB1mbps_kbps
150 MbpsRs 1,499/-750GB1mbps_kbps
200 MbpsRs 1,949/-1000GB1mbps_kbps

Hathway Broadband in Jamshedpur

Hathway offers a variety of postpaid and prepaid internet data plans to suit its users’ requirements. Additionally, they provide broadband plans monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly to their users. Additionally, they provide excellent customer service.

There are no restrictions on what you may do on major online sites when you have an unlimited internet subscription. You may surf the internet and do various tasks without having to worry about running out of data capacity. With an unrestricted internet connection, you may download several huge files. Interestingly, while you have an unlimited data plan, you will have a great deal of flexibility regarding online access. When there are no upload or download constraints, broadband service is highly useful.

Hathway PlansSpeedFUP (monthly)Post FUPPer MonthPer 3 MonthsPer 6 Monthsper year
Magic10 Mbps100 GB1 MbpsNARs. 2,249Rs. 4,349Rs. 8,249
Hero25 Mbps125 GB2 MbpsNARs. 2,549Rs. 4,949Rs. 9,349
Value50 Mbps150 GB2 MbpsNARs. 2,999Rs. 5,799Rs. 10,999
Light50 Mbps200 GB3 MbpsNARs. 3,599Rs. 6,999Rs. 13,199
Turbo100 Mbps250 GB5 MbpsNARs. 5,999Rs. 11,599Rs. 21,999
FREEDOM 74925 MbpsNANANARs. 2,247Rs. 4,349Rs. 8,249
Freedom 30 Mbps30 MbpsUnlimitedNARs. 999Rs. 2,997Rs. 5,994Rs. 11,988
Supreme 120 Mbps100 GB512 KbpsRs. 699Rs. 2,097Rs. 4,194Rs. 8,388
Thunder 450 Mbps500 GB4 MbpsRs. 999Rs. 2,997Rs. 5,994Rs. 11,988
Platinum 50 Mbps50 Mbps500 GB4 MbpsNANARs. 4,494Rs. 8,388

We hope by now you have a complete understanding of the best broadband & internet providers in Jamshedpur. Before finalizing any provider, we recommend getting in touch with them, explaining your requirements, and then choosing a plan that matches your needs.

For more such blogs on the best internet providers in Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad, and others, stay tuned to Selectra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any unlimited plans available from internet service providers in Telco Colony, Jamshedpur?

Yes, the majority of internet service providers give unlimited plans. It is suggested that you contact your individual service provider.

Do internet service providers provide business plans or special deals?

Yes, certain internet service providers provide corporate-specific services. It is suggested that you call and investigate.

Are installation fees associated with internet plans?

Yes, in the case of broadband plans, the majority of internet service providers charge for installation services. Confirm the installation fees with your internet service provider

Do internet service providers include routers or modems in their packages?

Some internet service providers include routers and modems in the price of specific plans, while others charge for them. You may always contact the service provider with questions.

How much do internet service providers charge in Telco Colony, Jamshedpur for various plans?

The monthly rates for internet services vary according to the bandwidth, speed, downloading and uploading restrictions, and other factors, with the lowest fee starting at Rs. 1500 and going up to Rs. 6000.

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