Amazon FireTv Hotspot ₹300 Per Month Free Prime Membership and Firestick

Amazon FireTv Hotspot ₹300 Per Month Free Prime Membership and Firestick

The Amazon Broadband is Here with the name Amazon FireTV Hotspot. You Get a Free Wifi, Amazon Prime Membership, and Firestick for ₹300 Per Month.

This Firetv Hotspot or Amazon Broadband is a Prepaid Service that will be connected to your home with Fiber Cable.

This is a new thing where you no longer need to buy different different services for entertainment. Amazon is taking over the Broadband services with colabration and giving the Prime Membership along with the Fire TV Stick Free to the customers.

For now a days it costs ₹600 per month for airtel broadband and ₹400 per month for Jio Broadband But Amazon is giving away discounts for new users as Prepaid Broadband service in India for just ₹300 per month.

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Features Of FireTv Hotspot by Amazon:

Here are some key Features of the Amazon Broadband or FireTV Hotspot Service in India.

  • You Get Free WiFi Router
  • You Get Free Fire TV Stick
  • You Get Free Amazon Prime Membership
  • Refund is available if do not liked this service.

Condition: Here is one limitation, this service is currently available in Mumbai region only. You can go to the Amazon FireTV Hotspot Website and check your Pincode.


FireTV Hotspo Pros and Cons:

There are some good and bad things in this Amazon Broadband Service. And the Wifi Service is provided in colabration with Orange Wave Network Pvt. Ltd.

Good things about FireTV Hotspot

As I said there are some Good and bad things in Amazon Broadband service. Here are some good things about FireTV Hotspot.

  • You get Unlimited Internet with Fire TV Sitck
  • You get Wifi+Amazon Prime Membership in just ₹300 per month
  • With Amazon Prime Membership you get Free Delivery, Ads Free Music, Prime Video Streaming Access.
  • With Free Fire TV Stick you get Android OS access to 1000+ Apps on your TV. (Best for Samsung/Smart TV)
  • If you dont like this service you can get a Refund after canclation of the service.
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Good things about FireTV Hotspot

Every good thing have something bad in it. Just like that you will find some cons in FireTV Hotspot that you might ignore if you can.

  • You will not get Full Refund on Canclation.
  • The Internet Speed is Limited to 30MBPS and after the quota is used speed becomes 5MBPS
  • You need to buy a 5 Month Subscription at once.
  • ₹300 per month is just a welcome offer for first 5 Months original cost is ₹1499 for 90 Days on Renewal.
  • You may get free Prime Service till the plan is active.

Welcome Offer Plan for Amazon Broadband FireTV Hotspot:

The Image below is a screenshot taken from the Amazon FireTV Hotspot website page. Check out the Link give above for detail plan. I will explain the best plan for you.

Choose Welcome+1499 Special Offer 150 Days:

The Cancletion refund is less in this plan but you get great features in this plans as follows.

  • 35GB Daily Limit with 30 MBPS after that 5MBPS
  • 20 Devices can be connected to Wifi along with FireTV stick.
  • Your Cost for this plan becomes ₹300 per month
  • Free FireStick and Amazon Prime Membership. gif maker 2

This Service is yet to launch all over India so dotn get stress now, just keep tracking if this service is available at your pincode or not.

Price is affordable and you get extra freebies with this so great deal. You can switch back to your Broadband service if you get bored of Amazon Broadband.

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