ACT Hyderabad Broadband Plans from 30 to 1000 Mbps

In Hyderabad, ACT broadband customers can enjoy the seamless internet at the greatest speed like a flight on air with new plans starting from 500 allowed for home or business users, where the latest fiber optic technology will boost up the speeds to great extent in Hyderabad.

Get no lag video calling and many more features with the fastest ACT Fibernet Broadband connection with your selected plan, and as well there are extra packages that one gets from the ACT which are referred to as ACT Booster Pack, and there are numerous services that the ACT Fibernet brings with its all-new technology, to give a different new virtual world.

The above will differ from each city where ACT broadband service occurs, because as per the market requirement, ISP has introduced different broadband plans in Hyderabad, ACT Bengaluru, ACT Chennai, and other serviced areas, Let’s check the new tariff

ACT Hyderabad Broadband Plans Tariff

Internet PlanDownload / Upload SpeedFUP LimitPost FUP SpeedRent in Rs
A – Max 50030 Mbps300 GB512 Kbps500
A – Max 70050 Mbps500 GB1 MbpsMonthly = Rs.700
6Months = Rs.642/month
12Months = Rs.583/month
A – Max 1075 125 Mbps2000 GB3 MbpsMonthly = Rs.1075
6Months = Rs.833/month
12Months = Rs.896/month
A – Max 1325 200 Mbps3000 GB3 MbpsMonthly = Rs.1325
6Months = Rs.10833/month
12Months = Rs.1104/month
Incredible 1999 300 Mbps3000 GB4 Mbps1,999 /month
ACT GIGA 1000 Mbps4000 GB10 Mbps5,999 /month

ACT Hyderabad Fibernet broadband plans does have a constant speed which also gives some OTT Apps subscriptions for free during the time you have recharge with these ACT Fibernet, and the subscriber with the ACT Stream TV 4k for your television to ensure you have greater visibility to various Apps.

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