6 Month DTH Plans: Tata sky, Dish TV, Airtel DTH, Sundirect and Videocon d2h

6 Month DTH Plans: Tata sky, Dish TV, Airtel DTH, Sundirect and Videocon d2h

DTH or direct-to-home services tend to be one of the common expenses in several households. With many members using the same mode for viewing, conflicts regarding channel choices, services, and the period of commitment to the packages may arise frequently.

Naturally, while making this selection, a whole year of commitment may turn out to become a burden for the users, while a three-month package may be too short of a time to try out all the benefits of your selected service.

Thus, one of the most commonly chosen package types is the DTH recharge 6 months plan, at the end of which you can either choose to continue with the same service or opt for a different one. The main benefit of this type of plan is that you get a well-rounded experience of what the service offers while also avoiding a long period of commitment to one particular DTH service.

In this blog, we will give a complete overview of the 6-month DTH plans offered by different providers. It will help you compare and make the most suitable choice to fit your viewing habits, whether you live in a joint family or keep your own company. Read on to find more!

Tata Sky

As one of the leading DTH services, Tata Sky does not disappoint its users even when it comes to a 6-month DTH recharge plan. The tata sky recharge offers 6 months price range from 4000-3000 rupees and falls under the platinum category, so users will have three versions to choose from: the Platinum South HD Pack Platinum HD pack and the Platinum SD pack. These are the most recently updated channels and pricings options:

  • Platinum South HD Pack: this pack contains a wide range of 371 popular channels. The popular 49 channels have an HD version, although they may cost a little more than your standard SD versions. The total package comes for an investable amount of Rs4560/- per month.
  • Platinum HD pack: This recharge pack contains a total of 365 regular channels and 46 HD channels. These are available for a price of 4365 for six months.
  • Platinum SD pack: This is another popularly purchased pack, offering you a total of 36 channels including news, entertainment, sports, kids, knowledge, and lifestyle, all for Rs3685/- for six months.

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Dish TV

The new Dish TV connection offer for 6 months has the prices of their packs ranging from 1k to 3k lasting 180 days since the day of the recharge. The best part about this package is that users will be getting 15 extended days of entertainment after the expiration of their pack. The number of channels depends upon the package you opt for.

The Dish TV recharge plan 2021 for 6 months currently has ten variations of packages you can choose from, all within a price range of Rs300/- per month. The Dish TV Super Family HSM HD with 211 SD channels and 19 HD channels is the most popularly subscribed package at just Rs216/- per month.

Among these, the HD packages are the only ones that offer HD options for regular channels at a slightly higher price. However, they do have a larger number of channels included in the pack.

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Sun Direct

This is one of the fastest-growing DTH companies in India and offers users a large variety of channels. The Sun Direct 6 months pack ranges between Rs700/- to 1500/- every month. Among the ten pack offers, the ROI recharge plan is the most popularly demanded.

A certain amount of cash-back is the perk of the Sun Direct 6-month recharge plan, depending upon the package that you choose. The HD channels come at a slightly higher price but are available for all popular channels.

Videocon D2H

The Videocon D2H new connection 6 months offer packs ranges between Rs800/- to 2500/- per month. Among these packs, the most commonly opted ones are the Videocon D2H Platinum combo with 144 channels for Rs280/- per month, and the Platinum HD Combo has 124 channels at Rs415/- per month.

The Diamond Sports HD combo is also one of the popularly bought packs with 87 channels with 37 HD channels included at just Rs320/- per month. Purchasing Videocon D2H recharge plans for 6 months is best known to work with combo packages.


As one of the leading DTH services in India, Airtel has been reputed for the various SD and HD packages at affordable prices. The Airtel 6-month package ranges between INR 1100/- to INR 3600/-. The popularly chosen pack being the Airtel Digital. Although several regional packs are available in both SD and HD, the channel availability and the plan price fluctuate depending on the package purchased.

What else do you need to know?

Most of the above-mentioned six-month packages fall under the platinum category, even though these websites do not offer a clear-cut detail on the six-month plan and its price range. Therefore customers will often be required to calculate their price according to their package and purchase, respectively.

In other cases, instead of period plans, DTH services will provide an amount-based plan that extends to a certain number of days. Thus, the larger the purchase, the more the running plans. There are also various regional packages both in SD and HD that customers can choose to purchase for six months.

However, the prices for these also vary from region to region. More than thirty regional options are available in every DTH service, including all the channels that fall under the regional language category. This may lead the consumers to be confused about their purchase. So before making a final decision, it is important to contact your service provider and collect all the information regarding the channels provided and price details.

Other than the information available in Selectra, you can also check the official websites during the purchase of these services and gain more information on the regional packages. However, make sure that you thoroughly check the channel composition before you commit to any service or their packages.


Thus, the six-month plans are advantageous for a smooth-running DTH service without having to commit to plans annually and because customers benefit from the extra days of free service and having to avoid the hassle of recharging every month.

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