Videocon d2H: Recharge Plans & Customer Care In 2023

Videocon d2H: Recharge Plans & Customer Care In 2023

Videocon d2H: Recharge Plans & Customer Care In 2023

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Videocon d2h is one of the most popular direct broadband satellite services in India. Videocon was merged with Dish TV in 2017 and became the largest DTH service provider across India. Now the company offers more than 650 channels on its service platform, with approx. 29 million subscribers. Here, we are describing all their services, including plans which have helped to increase their customer base and become one of the leading DTH service providers.

Explore Videocon d2H Subscription Plans

Videocon d2h offers some amazing regional packs to its subscribers. The company has provided its subscription packs in many languages including Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, and so on. Apart from that, Videocon d2H comes with SD and HD combo channels ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 600.

Call Videocon d2h Customer CareThe d2h customer care number is: 091156 9115.

In the list below, we have mentioned the best Videocon d2H SD & HD subscription packs along with price and validity. All the prices in the Videocon d2h recharge plan list are excluded with GST.

Videocon d2H SD Packs

d2H SD Packs

Videocon d2H Service Pack PriceChannelsValidity
Aamar Bangla Combo₹112.3539 channels30 Days
Aamara Odia Combo₹124.2545 channels30 Days
All In One English Combo₹146.9837 channels30 Days
Amcha Marathi Combo₹166.1467 channels30 Days
Amcha Marathi Plus Combo₹164.2571 channels30 Days
Bengali HD Combo₹185.8861 channels30 Days
Diamond Bengali Combo₹188.9978 channels30 Days
Diamond Combo₹188.9976 channels30 Days
Diamond Kannada SD₹224.0083 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Bengali Combo₹191.5671 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Gujarati Combo₹158.1474 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Kannada Combo₹163.2546 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Marathi Combo₹166.6267 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Oriya Combo₹187.3773 channels30 Days
Diamond Marathi Combo₹162.3874 channels30 Days
Diamond Sports Bengali Combo₹235.2381 channels30 Days
Diamond Sports Oriya Combo₹239.6481 channels30 Days

Videocon d2H HD Packs

d2H HD Packs

Videocon d2H Service Pack PriceChannelsValidity
All In One English HD Combo₹241.2038 channels30 Days
Amcha Marathi HD Combo₹298.9565 channels30 Days
Celebration HD Combo₹206.2436 channels30 Days
Bengali Sports HD Combo₹213.8858 channels30 Days
Diamond Bengali HD Combo₹336.2582 channels30 Days
Diamond Gujarati HD Combo₹319.3085 channels30 Days
Diamond HD Combo₹305.4579 channels30 Days
Diamond Kannada HD₹333.2567 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Bengali HD Combo₹311.8776 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Kannada HD Combo₹274.9555 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Malayalam HD Combo₹252.0557 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Marathi HD Combo₹290.6869 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Odiya HD Combo₹269.8573 channels30 Days
Diamond Malayalam HD Combo₹360.7569 channels30 Days
Diamond Kids Telugu HD Combo₹318.9571 channels30 Days
Diamond Odiya HD Combo₹327.2982 channels30 Days
Diamond Sports Bengali HD Combo₹360.5084 channels30 Days
Diamond Sports Gujarati HD Combo₹330.7191 channels30 Days
Diamond Sports Kannada HD Comb₹424.2076 channels30 Days
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How To Get A New Videocon d2h Connection

It is quite easy to obtain a new Videocon d2h set-top box connection. The entire process is hassle-free and convenient to even for Videocon d2h new connection users.

Here is how to get a videocon d2h connection:

  1. Go to the official website with your videocon d2h login credentials
  2. Click the ‘get a connection’ option.
  3. After selecting the option, it will ask you to put the Pincode of your location
  4. Then, you have to choose the language for your STB (Set-top box).
  5. Finally, fill in the address of your residence with proper details and valid mobile numbers.

After successful submission of an application, the Videocon d2h customer care will call you for confirmation and they will come to your house at your convenience and install your STB. This process will take almost a week to complete.

Videocon d2H Installation ChargesThe Videocon d2h installation charge of a new connection will vary according to your chosen plans and your location. The charges will range from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 3500 (charges of Set-top box are included).

What Are The Latest Videocon d2h Set-top Box Prices?

To ensure their subscribers can choose a set-top box that matches their budget and requirement, Videocon d2h offers multiple set-top box options:

d2H STB Packs

Set-top Box NamePrice
d2h Stream Box₹ 2118/-
HD RF Set Top Box₹ 1049/-
HD Set Top Box₹ 849/-
SD Set Top Box₹ 699/-

Which Are The Latest Videocon d2h Recharge Offers?

Videocon d2h has come up with some latest recharge packs in 2023. It is running offers like:

  • Recharge for 3 months Videocon d2h package and you will receive an extra 10 days validity
  • Recharge for 6 months and the user will get extra 21 days validity
  • Recharge for 12 months package and the users will get extra 42 days validity

Validity of Videocon d2H OffersAll the above recharge offers are for a limited period; please check the current offers with your videocon d2h customer care before recharging.

Curious On How To Add/Remove Videocon d2H Channels?

How To Recharge Your Monthly Videocon d2h Rental Plans

Videocon d2h recharge option is now available in every online UPI application such as Paytm, PhonePe, GooglePay, Amazon, and more. You can easily recharge your STB if you don’t have current plans or your plans have expired with these apps. You can find these applications on the Google play store or App store and install them on your android or IOS devices.

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Follow the steps given below to recharge or renew your Videocon d2h set top box packs.

  1. Log in with your active mobile number and go to the Videocon d2H recharge section.
  2. Enter your Videocon d2H customer ID and then choose your plan.
  3. Enter the Submit button to proceed.
  4. After submitting, the application will ask you the payment method.
  5. Choose as UPI or debit card/ credit card and fill with proper details and Hit the proceed button.

How Long Does It Take To Activate Videocon d2H recharge?After a successful transaction, your recharge will get active. Sometimes it will take two hours to get active. The steps for Videocon d2H recharge online are pretty much the same with all the applications. Also, you can go to the nearest service provider where you can pay the outstanding bill with cash.

What Is Videocon d2h infinity?

Videocon d2h has its own official application, named d2h infinity. You can use your d2h infinity login credentials to get valuable information on the your Videocon d2h account.

Here are the benefits of installing the d2h infinity app:

  • Instant recharges
  • Single click registration of requests/complaints
  • Personalize your account and profile
  • Find Videocn d2H recharge dealers
  • View, Upgrade or downgrade your current package
  • Allows you to watch and follow TV shows
  • Sends reminders on Videocon d2H recharge due dates
  • Enables Social Connecting and sharing of shows with friends

How To Contact Videocon d2h Customer Care

Videocon d2h has the largest DTH customer base in India. Because of that, the company has excellent customer care service to provide the best service to its subscribers.

If any customer gets stuck with any issues or has any queries regarding any services or recharge packs, the customer care executive will help out at any time. The videocon d2h customer care no: is available 24/7.

d2H Customer Care

How To ContactWhere To Contact
  1. Videocon d2h customer care number
  2. Toll-free number
  3. d2h Infinity- Customer Care
  4. d2h Infinity-Email ID
  1. 091156 9115
  2. 1800 212 212
  3. 073558 73558
  4. [email protected]

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about d2h, it’s time to get your own connection and reap the rewards. If you want more updates about Videocon d2h or other DTH providers like DishTV or Sun Direct, keep reading Selectra.

Videocon d2H Frequently Asked Questions

How to recharge d2h using my credit card?

Online purchases may be made using a credit card. To make a credit card payment, D2h needs the following information: the kind of credit card, the cardholder’s name, the card’s expiry date, and the credit card’s billing address. Additionally, the CVV batch code located on the back of the credit card is needed for online transactions. The organisation assures that all online transactions are conducted in a secure atmosphere. To do this, the website is PCI compliant and secured using VeriSign’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the industry standard in encryption technology.

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What are the functionalities & features of d2h HD set top box?

Your d2h HD box is extremely user-friendly and comes with multiple features, including:

  • High Definition (1080i/p)
  • Great Savings with Cashback
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • 5X Picture Quality
  • Faster Processor Speed
  • HDMI Cable
  • 1080 Pixel

How to create a Favourite List on d2h?

To establish a channel list on d2h, follow these steps: Sort your favourite list by pressing the ‘Blue’ Key on the Remote. – Press the ‘Green’ or ‘Yellow’ keys to ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ the channels, accordingly.

To add a channel to your favourites list, follow these steps: Select the appropriate channel to add from the original channel list and hit the ‘Green’ key on the Remote. – The channel you’ve chosen will be added to your favourites list. – Select ‘Exit’ and confirm your choice.

How to get d2h service activated?

After installation, the service is operational after about 2 – 4 hours. The activation process is initiated by the d2h Customer Support team as soon as they receive a completed Customer Application form. Activation may occur even quicker if all prerequisites are satisfied. If you have any Videocon d2h complaints, contact their customer service department at 91156 91156 if you have any questions.

Videocon d2H

Videocon D2H Magic Stick: Voice Enabled & Comes With Alexa Built-In

d2h magic stick

D2h-magic –

Videocon D2H Magic Stick: Voice Enabled & Comes With Alexa Built-In

Videocon d2h New Connection: Watch Full HD TV At Cable Price

Videocon d2h new connection

New-connection –

Videocon d2h New Connection: Watch Full HD TV At Cable Price

Videocon d2h Recharge Plans and Offers 2023

d2h recharge plans

Recharge –

Videocon d2h Recharge Plans and Offers 2023

Videocon d2h Customer Care Number: Get Instant Support

d2h customercare

Customer-care –

Videocon d2h Customer Care Number: Get Instant Support

The Complete Videocon D2H Channel List


Channel-list –

The Complete Videocon D2H Channel List

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