NetLink ONU Configuration at for FTTH Voice & Internet

Login to for configuration of Netlink ONU for BSNL Fiber to Home service to access voice and internet facilities, Add security and enable WiFi in the configuration in Netlink Optical network unit (ONU) to connect the world with high wireless internet…

Let’s have a look at the detailed step by step modem configuration process of Netlink WiFi ONT / ONU (Optical Network Unit) to enable voice and internet facilities, connected GPON BSNL OLT (Optical Line Terminal) providing upstream and downstream data speed at same level accordingly as per the subscribed BSNL broadband plan.

Follow the steps to configure Netlink ONU for any ISP providing Fiber net connection using OLT, Here we are providing BSNL FTTH network configuration in GPON optical modem

  1. Login to Netlink ONU in any browser with url

  2. Enter username and password

    username is admin and default password is stdONU101

  3. Go to Management > Device Management > Restore default > Restore Factory default

  4. Click Network > Internet > Delete

  5. Check Status > Wan Connection info >

    WAN info status enabled means, you are ready to browse the internet.

  6. Click Network > Internet (Add New Connection for Internet)

    Mode : Route,
    IP Protocol Mode : Ipv4, and select PPPoE,
    Enable NAT : Select radio button
    Enable Vlan : Enable by select,
    Vlan id : Submit the ID provided by BSNL,
    Username : Enter BSNL allocated FTTH username followed by
    Password : password (default)
    Service Name : BSNL or which you want,
    IP Address: Provide your BSNL allocated IP address,
    Port binding : Enable Port 1, Port2 and WLAN (SSID1) by selecting in each box
    Click Save

  7. Again Click Network > Internet for Voice Configuration

    Connection name : Add new wan connection,
    Mode : Route,
    IP Protocol Mode : Ipv4, and select Static,
    Enable Vlan : Enable by select,
    Vlan id : 1830,
    Provide your BSNL allocated IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS1, DNS2, provided by BSNL
    Service Mode : Voice
    Click Save

  8. Click Application

    Enable all the services(ftp, h323, rtsp,ipsec, sip, pptp) in ALG configuration

  9. Click Application > VOIP

    SIP registered address : (first 5 to be filled as
    Select and Enable Outbound Proxy,
    Enable Line 1 and enter Account name, Account number, Account password with allotted BSNL FTTH phone number starting with 91 starting by removing 0
    Click Save/Apply

  10. Click Status

    WAN Information info for both Voice and Internet facilities are enabled or not.

If having any doubts on this configuration process for Netlink ONU, please do comment and get solved the queries/errors.

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