Jio Fiber vs Hathway Broadband: Speed, Price, Coverage, Benefits, and More

Jio Fiber vs Hathway Broadband: Speed, Price, Coverage, Benefits, and More

Jio Fiber vs Hathway Broadband: Speed, Price, Coverage, Benefits, and More

jio fiber vs hathway

The world’s best speed checker, Ookla, recently revealed India’s fixed broadband speed rankings for Q4 2020. Jio Fiber topped the list by providing the fastest broadband speed. At the same time, Hathway booked the 5th spot only after ACT, Airtel Xstream, and Excitel. Reliance’s Jio Fiber offers fixed-line broadband service at the Pan-India level. Hathway is a fixed broadband ISP offering services in a few Indian cities and metros.

Jio Fiber vs Hathway Broadband: Speed, Price, and Additional Benefits

According to Ookla’s Q4 2020 report, Jio Fiber had the fastest mean download speed over fixed broadband among India’s top providers during Q4 2020. Hathway, on the contrary, had the lowest rating and the lowest NPS.

Both Jio Fiber and Hathway broadband services have monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans. The only differentiating factor being the coverage.

Jio Fiber broadband plans are standard across all Indian cities. On the other side, Hathway Internet is available in 16 cities, out of which four (4) are metros, and three (3) are mini-metros.

Jio Fiber Plans

Jio Fiber broadband plans start at Rs. 399 a month and can go up to Rs. 8499 a month. Jio also offers a one-month trial to its new users.

Here is a snapshot of the Jio Fiber plans available to the 1.3 billion Indian population. We have factored in details like price, speed, and additional benefits.

Jio Fiber PlanMonthly RentalInternet speedsFUP Data limitUnlimited callsOTT Apps
BronzeRs. 39930 Mbps3300 GBYesNA
SilverRs. 699100 Mbps3300 GBYesNA
GoldRs. 999150 Mbps3300 GBYes11 Apps worth Rs. 1000 a month
DiamondRs. 1499300 Mbps3300 GBYes12 Apps worth Rs. 1500 a month
Diamond+Rs. 2499500 Mbps4000 GBYes12 Apps worth Rs. 1500 a month
PlatinumRs. 39991 Gbps7500 GBYes12 Apps worth Rs. 1500 a month
TitaniumRs. 84991 Gbps15000 GBYes12 Apps worth Rs. 1500 a month

If you are an average internet user – meaning working from home mostly on word docs and emails, then Rs. 699 plan will be your go-to plan.

If you are a light or heavy internet user, these plans can escalate or deescalate as per your requirements. The biggest perk of buying Jio Fiber is the complimentary OTT subscriptions. Customers can save a considerable chunk of their savings by just this single feature. Additionally, with the Jio Set-top box, customers can also get access to live TV. Further, a Jio Sim for free calls and internet is also provided. Do you think this is the best deal in the market right now?

Coming to the Hathway broadband plans, we will walk you through the different broadband plans available in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi.

Hathway Broadband Plans – Mumbai

We collated information on the best Hathway broadband plans in the city of Mumbai. The table below will give you all the details on the internet speeds and price of the plans.

Plan NameGPON_SuperBlast _ULTDGPON Premuim_ULTDGPON SuperpremuimGPON_300MBPS
Speed100 Mbps150 Mbps200 Mbps300 Mbps
FUP (Monthly)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Post FUP5 Mbps5 Mbps5 Mbps6 Mbps
Subscription Charges

(3 months)

Rs.2247Rs. 2697Rs. 2997Rs. 3750
Subscription Charges

(6 months)

Rs. 4494Rs. 5394Rs. 5994Rs. 7500
Subscription Charges

(12 months)

Rs. 8988Rs. 10788Rs. 11988Rs. 15000

Hathway Broadband Plans – Bangalore

We collated information on all the Hathway broadband plans in the city of Bangalore. The table below will give you all the details on the internet speeds and price of the plans.

Plan NameBlazeValue PackGPON Single Band HybridGPON dual Band Hybrid
Speed100 Mbps150 Mbps100 Mbps150 Mbps
(Monthly)3 Mbps3 Mbps3 Mbps3 Mbps
Post FUPFreeFreeFreeFree
InstallationFree To UseDual Band Router Free To UseFree To UseDual Band Router Free To Use
Wi-Fi RouterNANARs. 999*Rs. 999*
Hybrid Box Installation ChargesNANAFree To UseFree To Use
Hybrid BoxNANA749Rs. 899
Subscription Charges (1 month)Rs. 1498Rs. 1798NARs. 1798
Subscription Charges (2 months)Rs. 2247Rs. 2697Rs. 2247Rs. 2697
Subscription Charges (6 months)Rs. 4494Rs. 5394Rs. 4494Rs. 5394
Subscription Charges (12 months)Rs. 8988Rs. 10788Rs. 8988Rs. 10788

One-time Non-Refundable Installation charges of Rs. 999 is charged for Hybrid Box installation.

Hathway Broadband Plans – Delhi and NCR

We collated information on all the Hathway broadband plans available in Delhi and NCR. The table below will give you all the details on the internet speeds and price of the plans.

Plan NameExcellence 50 Mbps preSPL_ROD_25 Mbps PREGpon_Excellence 100 Mbps PreSPL NEW GPON SUPERTHUNDERGpon_75Mbps Prepd
Speed50 Mbps25 Mbps100 Mbps150 Mbps75 Mbps
FUP (Monthly)1000 GB500 GB1000 GB1000 GB1000 GB
Post FUP3 Mbps5 Mbps2 Mbps5 Mbps5 Mbps
Subscription Charges

(3 months)

NANARs. 2097Rs. 2250Rs. 1797
Subscription Charges

(6 months)

Rs. 3825Rs. 2994Rs. 3825Rs. 4500Rs. 3594
Subscription Charges

(12 months)

Rs. 7200Rs. 5988Rs. 7200Rs. 9000Rs. 7188

All in all, unlike Jio Fiber, Hathway broadband plans do not offer free subscriptions to OTT platforms.

Jio Fiber vs Hathway Broadband: Coverage

Jio Fiber plans are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Surat, Vadodara, Chennai, Noida, Ghaziabad, Bhubaneshwar, Varanasi, Allahabad, Bengaluru, Surat, Agra, Meerut, Vizag, Lucknow, Jamshedpur, Haridwar, Gaya, Patna, Port Blair, Punjab and also in some other states.

To know if Jio Fiber services are available in your area, visit Jio’s official website right away

Hathway Fibernet coverage is extended to 20 Indian cities, namely, Aurangabad, Bhilai, Bangalore, Baroda, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi and NCR, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Surat, Thane, Vishakhapatnam, Vadodra, and Vellore.

Visit Hathway’s official website to know if the service is available in your area/locality or not.

Jio Fiber vs Hathway Broadband: Installation Process

To get a new Jio Fiber connection, potential customers can visit here and fulfill the below steps:

  • To start the installation process, you first need to visit the official Jio Fiber website.
  • You will be required to enter your personal details like your full name and contact details on the landing page.
  • You will then be required to generate and verify the OTP. This will be triggered on the mobile number you filled in.
  • Next, you will have to fill in the details of your physical address where you require the Jio Fiber connection.
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Submit’ icon!

New users should have an original Aadhaar card or any other original valid Proof of Identification) Proof of Address. Your Jio Fiber order will be processed once these documents are verified. For a brand new broadband connection, the installation charges will be Rs.1000 (non-refundable) and Rs.1500 towards a security deposit (refundable).

After submission of the documents, new users will receive a confirmation call for the installation appointment. It will take around two (2) hours to complete the installation & activate the Jio Broadband connection.

To get new Hathway broadband connections, follow the below simple steps:

  • Visit the official Hathway link.
  • Next step is to select the connection type of your choice. You will have to select whether you want the broadband for home vs for office use.
  • Now, you will have to enter your full name, city, pin code, email address, mobile number, and physical address.
  • After adding the above details, you will now have to select the plan of your choice and the rental period.
  • As a last step, you will have to make the payment and submit the request.

Jio Fiber vs Hathway Broadband: Customer Care

In case of technical assistance, Jio Fiber customers can reach out to Jio’s toll-free number, customer support email ID, a dedicated WhatsApp number, and also a 24*7 chatbox service.

Hathway Broadband customers also have access to a parallel set of customer care services as mentioned above, excluding the 24*7 chatbox services.

The former has a more responsive customer service team than the latter.

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