BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans 2021 on DSL & Bharat Fiber

Selecting the specific new tariffs related to BSNL Broadband Plans Kerala circle is not a toughest task, but have to check each combo plan from 10Mbps to 50 Mbps before subscription for unlimited internet over the latest Giga fiber optic network or DSL technology under BSNL broadband services.

Here we present the new specific massive tariffs available only in BSNL Kerala circle, in addition to the existing all India BSNL broadband plans starting from 299, where the user can have a maximum FUP limit in each plan and if required the speed even after crossing the FUP limit, can activate BSNL broadband top up to restore the previous high speed internet under any of the below spruced plans.

BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans


BSNL Fiber PlanSpeedMonthly Rent in Rs
Fiber Basic Plan
(Only for New customers Promotional Offer till 3 April 2021)
30Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps449
100GB CUL50Mbps till 100GB data, beyond 2Mbps499
Fibre Basic Plus60Mbps till 3300GB data, after 2Mbps599
BSNL Fibere Value (Upto 03.04.2021)100Mbps 3300GB, after 2Mbps799
BSNL Fiber Value Plus100Mbps till 1500GB, after 10Mbps849
BSNL Superstar 2150Mbps till 2000GB data/day, beyond 10Mbps949
BSNL Fibre Premium (upto 03.04.2021)200Mbps till 3300GB/month then 2Mbps999
BSNL Fibre Premium Plus200Mbps till 3.3TB/month, after 15Mbps1277
BSNL Fibre Ultra (Upto 03.04.2021)300Mbps till 4000GB, then 4Mbps1499
BSNL Fibre Silver300Mbps till 4500 GB/month, beyond 25Mbps1999
BSNL Fibre Silver Plus300Mbps till 5000GB/month, beyond 30Mbps2499
BSNL Fibre Ruby300Mbps till 6500 GB/month, beyond 40Mbps4499
BSNL Fibre Golden Plan300Mbps till 8000 GB/month, beyond 50Mbps5999
BSNL Fibre Diamond300Mbps till 12000 MB/month, beyond 60Mbps9999
BSNL Fibre Platinum300Mbps till 21000GB/month, beyond 70Mbps16999

All the above streamlined unlimited broadband plans provide 24 hours free calling to any network across India, and for more information on plans, netizens may check district wise customer contact center details

CalicutQuilon (Kollam)

For all the plans, Security deposit amount is one month plan rental charges. If subscribed to the DSL/FTTH services, you can test BSNL Speed to get the assured internet at any time and see the best results. Check the above clearly, and apply BSNL broadband online to get the services at your doorstep in Kerala circle.

Kerala BB News: BSNL competent authority has announced the instructions about withdrawal of Fiber plans i.e. 500GB CUL CS353 (777), Fibro BBG ULD 1045 CS48(1045), Fibro BBG ULD 1395 CS49 (1395), Fibro Combo ULD 1895 CS129 (1895), 1500GB CUL CS55 (1999) in Kerala circle with effect from 01.03.2021

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