BSNL Broadband Plans AP (Andhra Pradesh) & Telangana Updated Card

Buy the best BSNL broadband plans in AP and Telangana states to enjoy upto 300 Mbps superfast fiber optic internet at your home or office over BSNL fiber network or with DSL technologies even in metros like Hyderabad, Vijayawada or in smart cities and towns with latest BSNL broadband services which is easy now, because we present all for your ready reference to pick the best among comparision with various ISP’s.

Check here about the latest BSNL broadband plans AP & Telangana caters you with unlimited free calls on landline and hefty discount options available at cheapest rates for all broadband subscribers buying for 6months, yearly, two year and three year over DSL and Fiber network technologies.

If the netizens can even required high speed after the data cap limit in each of the below plans can opt for BSNL Broadband Top up to restore ultra speed internet, With this BSNL fiber optic internet, you will get best results whenever you test the speed B

SNL Fibernet broadband, Let’s have a look at the tariff

BSNL Broadband Plans AP & Telangana

BSNL Broadband Plan
SpeedMonthly Rent in Rs6Months Rent(Rs)1 year Rent (Rs)Network Type
Fibre Basic** (Only for New Customers)30Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps44900Fiber
100 GB CUL10Mbps till 100GB then 2Mbps29900DSL
Fiber Basic Plus60Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps59907188Fiber
200 GB CUL10Mbps till 200GB then 2Mbps39904190DSL
500 GB CUL10Mbps till 500GB then 2Mbps55505828Copper
Fiber TB Plan100Mbps till 1000GB then 5Mbps77700Fiber
Super Star 110Mbps till 779GB then 2Mbps77908569DSL
Fibre Value**100Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps79909588Fiber
Fiber Value Plus100 Mbps till 1500GB then 10Mbps84900Broadband
Super Star 210Mbps till 1100GB then 5Mbps94900Copper
Fibre Premium**200Mbps till 3300GB then2Mbps999011988Fiber
Fibre Premium Plus200Mbps till 3300GB then 15Mbps1277702413409Bharat Fiber
Super Star 1100Mbps till 1000GB, after 5Mbps7790Fiber
1600GB CUL10Mbps till 1600 GB then 5Mbps1299013640DSL
Super Star 2150Mbps till 2000GB, above 10Mbps94900Bharat Fiber
Fibre Ultra**300Mbps till 4000GB then 4Mbps1499017988Bharat Fiber
Fibre Silver300Mbps till 4500GB then 25Mbps199900Fiber
Fibre Silver Plus300Mbps till 5000GB then 30Mbps249900Fiber
Fibre Ruby300Mbps till 6500GB then 40Mbps449900Broadband
Fibre Golden300Mbps till 8000GB then 50Mbps599900Fiber
Fibre Diamond300Mbps till 12000GB then 60Mbps999900Broadband
Fibre Platinum300Mbps till 21000GB then 70Mbps1699900Barat Fiber

Download BSNL Broadband Plans List

All the above plans are exclusively available only in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state customers with huge bandwidth, where the two states covered with many ISPs by offering huge download speeds, but now the exclusive BSNL broadband plans of AP and Telangana provides more than that with unlimited calls to any network with free landline connection.

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