Best broadband plans 2023-Based On your Usage

Best broadband plans 2022-Based On your Usage

Welcome to an informative session on the Best broadband plans for Indian subscribers. We know that lockdowns have impacted lives across the country. Not being able to travel to work, having to spend days within the walls of the house, not being able to socialise etc are some of the many issues that are interfering with the normal routines. Lockdown is fast becoming the new normal for many.

With work from home becoming the accepted way of offices, broadband service providers have been under pressure to provide the best internet plans possible. Online movie streaming, online gaming and binge-watching are some of the entertainment methods as people are restricted to homes. Keeping this in mind, we did some research to find you the best broadband plans in 2022. Let’s move on to see which they are.

The importance of a stable broadband connection

Why is having a stable broadband connection so important these days? From office meetings to school classes, everything happens online. Imagine you are on an important video conference with your top management at work. Just while it is your time to make a presentation or state your opinion, your internet fails you and you go offline. What impression would that create?

What if you are a student appearing for the main life deciding examination? As you are appearing for your chosen session online, your internet goes off. Isn’t that enough to create a whole deal of tension? Wouldn’t your future be affected if you are not eligible for a re-take?

Several scenarios can go wrong if you do not have a reliable broadband provider. Even simple scenarios like getting interrupted during your favourite TV show or movie time are causes of dissatisfaction.

How will you find a reliable broadband provider? How do you know whom to choose? Where will you get information on the best wifi connections?. To make the choices easier for you, we have compiled the best plans by the major Broadband service providers like Jio Fiber, Airtel Xstream Fiber, ACT Fibernet and BSNL broadband.

Price in RupeesJioFiber (unlimited Data)Airtel Fiber (unlimited Data)BSNL Broadband (unlimited Data)


30 Mbps


30 Mbps


40 Mbps


60 Mbps


100 Mbps


100 Mbps100 Mbps


150 Mbps200 Mbps200 Mbps


200 Mbps (15 Mbps FUP)


300 Mbps300 Mbps300 Mbps


500 Mbps


1 Gbps1 Gbps
ACT FibernetPrice

Top Broadband Providers based on speed

Here is a list of broadband providers ranked based on the speed of their internet services.

  1. Jio Fiber
  2. ACT Extravagant
  3. Airtel
  4. BSNL
  5. YOU Broadband
  6. Tikona
  7. MTNL

How to choose a plan according to your usage

Now that you have seen the best broadband plans., how do you know which to choose? Here is a brief on this topic.

You choose your plan according to your usage. For example, consider the Jio Fiber plans.

JioFiber Plan speedPrice

If you are a light user, say you need to check your WhatsApp messages or you use the internet to open emails etc, the plans for Rs 699/- and below will be more than enough for you. You need to select the best internet plan for your home.

Now if you are a work from home person and you need the internet for most of your official duties, you could fall into a heavy user category. Depending on your usage, you could also be an average user. So you have to check with your broadband provider on how much data you will require. Give them an idea about your internet usage and purpose. Check with colleagues, friends and other family members regarding their usage. Compare the plans and prices with the total utility.

Before you finalise the best wifi for browsing, make sure to be aware of the perks that come along with the plan. You can save a great deal of money by choosing a plan with complementary OTT packages. If you consider the example of Jio again, you will see that along with the Jio STB (set-top box) you are offered access to Jio Live TV. You also get a free Jio sim and other internet facilities. In some cities, Jio also offers a one month free trial for broadband subscribers. Now how cool is that 😊

Various categories of Users

Our population can be divided into four main categories based on internet usage.


Students need internet connectivity for attending their classes being held online currently. They need the best wifi plans for home in India. These are a few suggestions based on feedback from students and their parents.

  • Jio Fiber plans -Rs 399/-

    This plan has unlimited data and is considered great as it is enough for the online sessions.

  • Airtel and BSNL broadband also have plans below Rs 499/- with 30 Mbps speed. These are also widely preferred.

Content Streaming

Content streaming calls for high speeds as well as more data.

  • BSNL broadband -Rs 999/- & 200 Mbps with unlimited data.
  • JioFiber -Rs 999/- with speed above 150 Mbps (free OTT subscriptions are also included )


A gamer would need a broadband connection with unlimited data and of course high- speed to download and play the numerous games available on the internet.

The most widely preferred plans chosen by gamers are:-

  • JioFiber offers unlimited data with 500 Mbps for Rs 2500/- rupees
  • Airtel has a pack for Rs3999-/- with speed 1 Gbps

Work from home employees

Work from home plans has been hugely sought after since the Pandemic struck. Based on feedback from subscribers, we have collected information about the best internet for heavy usage consumers.

Reliance Jio Fiber

Let us start with Reliance Jio Broadband plans best suited for work from home employees.

Best work from home Reliance Jio Fiber broadband plans

Jio fiber Plan NameFUPData LimitAnnual PriceMonthly Price
Bronze100 Mbps100GB + 50GBRs 8,388Rs 699
Silver100 Mbps200GB + 200GBRs 10,188Rs 849
Gold250 Mbps500GB + 250GBRs 15,588Rs 1,299
Diamond500 Mbps1,250GB + 250GBRs 29,988Rs 2,499
Platinum1 Gbps2,500GBRs 47,988Rs 3,999
Titanium1 Gbps5,000GBRs 1,01,988Rs 8,999

Look at the perks too

With the below Jio Fiber plans, you get additional benefits too. Some of them are described below.

  • Free voice calling in India,
  • Home networking for sharing,
  • TV video calling,
  • Gaming purposes
  • Norton device security support – 5 devices.

Airtel Broadband

Let us move on to Airtel now.

Best work from home Airtel Broadband plans

Airtel Broadband Plan NameData LimitFUPMonthly Price
Basic150 GB100 MbpsRs 799
Entertainment300GB200 MbpsRs 999
Premium500 GB300 MbpsRs 1,499
VIPUnlimited1 GbpsRs 3,999

Tata Sky Broadband

The most preferred data plan in Tata Sky work from home options is the unlimited plan for Rs 900 per month, Data speed 25Mbps

For higher speeds like 100 Mbps, you need to make a plan for Rs 1000/- with 500 GB of data

Perks included for packs including 3 months, six months and 12 months include a router and also free installation, whether fixed or even unlimited data cap.


So have you decided which broadband plan to choose? While we have highlighted the most popular plans here, you still can choose from more options. There are several other options which may suit your requirements. You can contact the broadband service providers and get detailed information. Always select the best broadband plan depending on your usage. Hope you find your suitable plan fast!

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