An Introduction To Jetspot Broadband- Overview, Plans and More

An Introduction To Jetspot Broadband- Overview, Plans and More

An Introduction To Jetspot Broadband- Overview, Plans and More

jetspot broadband

Since the need for internet services has risen in India, more extensive and more prominent internet service providers are establishing their brands. Several new packs have been introduced by a number of regional online firms that have ventured into the same market. Similarly, Jetspot, a new player on the market, has begun offering services in the area.

In this blog, we have provided comprehensive information about Jetspot broadband provider, including its plans, price and other features.

An Overview of Jetspot Broadband

Broadband service definitions are evolving. Wi-Fi and broadband were formerly synonymous with high-speed Internet access at home. It’s now all about having a connection whenever and however you need to use it. To maintain contact with critical information, information, and services, customers require speed and flexibility. Jetspot Networks is a broadband service provider that keeps consumers connected at home and out and about.

Starting off with a humble beginning in a small office in Bhubaneswar in 2015, Jetspot Networks strived to provide fast and reliable high-speed internet for its consumers. It currently works out of an extensive office owned by JetCloud Datacenter, a Jetspot Networks subsidiary.

The Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Government of India, has given Jetspot Networks an all-Orissa Service Area Class-B Unified ISP license.

Jetspot Networks is a Wi-Fi services company whose goal is to deliver excellent public internet connectivity to millions of individuals who use the Internet for leisure or business. They have a strong team of network administrators and staff on their side. They are the best when it refers to wireless broadband providers.

For hospitals, schools, organizations, and workplaces, they provide wireless Internet, hotspot deployment, and Wi-Fi automation. It provides simple, ultra-fast, and always-on broadband connectivity regardless of location.

Their mission at Jetspot Networks is to offer everyone, wherever, at any time, ultrafast internet speeds at cheap costs. Furthermore, their goal is to be a world-class internet company that provides high-quality Wi-Fi internet access at the most affordable price.

They are dedicated to working with companies to provide their consumers with the high-quality Wi-Fi internet service they desire. Consumers have expressed a need for speed, flexibility, and affordability in their internet service. That is why Jetspot Networks is already winning over the hearts of all consumers looking for the best wireless broadband service provider.

Jetspot Plans

GigaFiber Broadband Pricing
Lite₹699/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 100Mbps2 OTT Included
Smart₹999/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 150Mbps5 OTT Included
Premium₹1499/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 200Mbps10 OTT Included
Ultra₹2499/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 250Mbps11 OTT Included
Epic₹5999/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 250MbpsNA
Elite₹7999/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 500MbpsNA
Luxury₹9999/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 750MbpsNA
Giga₹11999/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 1GbpsNA
Small Business Plans
The Lite Combo₹770/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 25MbpsData Limit 500 GB FUP Speeds up to 1Mbps
Smart Combo₹1100/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 50MbpsData Limit 1000 GB FUP Speeds up to 1Mbps
Premium Combo₹1650/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 75MbpsData Limit 1500 GB FUP Speeds up to 1Mbps
The Ultra Combo₹2750/monthUnlimitedSpeeds upto 100MbpsData Limit 2500 GB FUP Speeds up to 1Mbps
Wireless Home Plans
Home Alpha₹769/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 1Mbps
Home Starter₹1099/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 4Mbps
Home Lite₹1539/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 6Mbps
Home Smart₹1759/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 8Mbps
Home Premium₹1979/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 10Mbps
Home Ultra₹2199/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 12Mbps
Home Super₹2529/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 14Mbps
Home Max₹2749/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 16Mbps
Home Ace₹3299/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 18Mbps
Wireless Business Plans
Business Lite₹2749/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 10Mbps
Business Smart₹3849/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 15Mbps
Business Premium₹4949/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 20Mbps
Business Ultra₹6049/monthUnlimitedSpeeds up to 25Mbps
Fiber Business Plans
Biz Startup₹2859/monthData Limit 1TBSpeeds up to 50MbpsFUP Speeds up to 1Mbps
Biz Grand₹3859/monthData Limit 2TBSpeeds up to 50MbpsFUP Speeds up to 2Mbps
Biz Flex₹5059/monthData Limit 3TBSpeeds upto 100MbpsFUP Speeds up to 3Mbps
Biz Pro₹6259/monthData Limit 4TBSpeeds upto 100MbpsFUP Speeds up to 4Mbps

Work From Home Package

To help consumers working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jetspot recently launched a new plan called the ‘Work From Home Package.’ This plan costs ₹1999+GST per month.

In this plan, customers can avail unlimited data with speeds up to 150Mbps, with a Static IP and a 5Ghz dual-band router included. Furthermore, for your entertainment, you can also avail free monthly subscriptions to EpicOn, ShemarooMe, ErosNow, Zee5, Voot and Hungama.

Lastly, if you’re facing any challenges with your router reconfiguration or Jetspot login, professional executives will visit your premises for free to provide you support. Moreover, as this plan is aimed toward working professionals at home, you can also avail a monthly PDF tax invoice for your Jetspot broadband bill, which can be used for reimbursement.

Jetspot Broadband Customer Care

Along with fast internet speeds at low costs, Jetspot also provides prompt customer care. So, if you’re facing any challenges with your connection, use the information provided below:

Pan India Phone Number:

  • 8690-330-330 (Helpline)
  • 6370-303-930 (WhatsApp)
  • 7377967502 (Billing/Accounts)

Email ID(s):

  • Tech Support: [email protected]
  • General Information: [email protected]
  • Sales: [email protected]
  • Accounts: [email protected]
  • Nodal Support: [email protected]
  • Abuse: [email protected]


Now that you know everything about Jetspot broadband, if you’re living in Bhubaneswar, do check out their latest offers and plans. For more information on other broadband providers, keep reading Selectra.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the speed of Jetspot Fiber?

Jetspot Fiber is 100 times quicker than a standard internet connection and can reach speeds of up to 1Gbps, allowing you to obtain what you want instantly. With Jets pot Fiber, you may no longer have to wait for things to buffer.

Jetspot Fiber employs which technology?

Jetspot Fiber uses FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) which includes ethernet-to-the-home (ETTH) technology depending on their Gigabit Service Platform. Their fibre or ethernet service originates at your residence. You could link your wireless router to that equipment or straight to your PC.

Who can buy Jetspot Fiber?

Jetspot Fiber is now offered for more extensive flats or societies with 20 or more families dwelling. It is not available across the city. This implies that a single building, client, or workplace cannot qualify for Jetspot Fiber. The reason for this is infrastructure.

To offer those kinds of speeds, they have to put up a tiny network hub at residences, which would be expensive and time-consuming. That is why it is only accessible for larger societies, flats, or colonies, where they will build up their structure once and then quickly distribute it to anybody in the same society who requires a new connection.

To execute, they need at least 50% of the inhabitants in the community to be willing to subscribe for the beginning within the same society. Once the agreement is signed, they will begin the implementation process.

How long does the Jetspot installation process take?

Jetspot Fiber is just not as straightforward to set up as a standard wireless network. It necessitates extensive infrastructure. That is why it requires 7-10 days to execute and distribute after approval. They will proceed with the installation once they have received clearance from the social authorities and all of the paperwork and installation deposits have been collected from all of the clients.

What papers are required for a Jetspot connection?

One passport photo, one address proof, and 1 ID proof are required. You may submit it online also on their website.

Why is Jetspot Fiber so inexpensive in comparison to traditional wireless broadband plans?

Bhubaneswar is known as a Smart City; therefore, let’s make it smarter! Their vision is to fundamentally change broadband services in Bhubaneswar by offering simple-to-understand ultra-high bandwidth that will allow citizens in the city to do far more in their everyday lives, trying to bring them unparalleled opportunity and happiness, and eventually culminating in their success and achievement.

What about Jetspot Fiber’s speeds and data limits?

Jetspot Fiber’s incredible unlimited use plans are limitless; they provide true unlimited data consumption at incredible speeds with really no data limit. Watch all HD movies, subscribe to all songs, or browse the whole online world at a speed ranging from 1 to 1000 Mbps.

How can I purchase Jetspot Fiber?

First, drop them an email or fill out the form to express your interest. They will send you an email with the proposition for your group, and then they will take it from there. Once the society authorities are persuaded, they will begin collecting papers and payments. Once it is completed, they will start the implementation process.

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